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Rhythm Of The Trees

Rhythm Of The Trees

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W 204cm x H 87cm
Acrylic Paint on Timber

More about the art:

Step into the forest's rhythm with 'Rhythm of the Trees.' This large, horizontal artwork invites you to experience the natural symphony of the woods. Inspired by the steady heartbeat of trees, it features repeating patterns that mimic branches and leaves. The soft, muted colours, with warm undertones, create a calming, otherworldly atmosphere, reminiscent of early morning or twilight. Textures on the canvas add depth and interest, inviting you to explore the details of the bark. The curved horizon guides you through this woodland marvel, evoking a sense of motion and life.

'Rhythm of the Trees' is a tribute to the gentle music that fills the forest—a reminder of the enduring beat that connects us all. It encourages you to sway with nature's song, find solace among ancient trees, and dance to your own heart's rhythm, forever entwined with the pulse of the woods.

  • Please note: This artwork has special shipping requirements due to its size - please email me for a quote at (Local pick-up available in Brisbane)

High-Quality materials & craftsmanship

In my studio based in Brisbane, Australia, I personally handcraft all of my artworks. I intricately assemble thin layers of laser-cut MDF wood, meticulously gluing them together. Each piece is then adorned with layers of textured and coloured paint, giving it a unique and captivating finish.

Includes wall bracket

The artwork comes with Z-bar aluminum brackets designed for easy installation and capable of supporting heavy pieces like artworks and mirrors. Mounting instructions, along with necessary wall brackets and fastening devices (screws and wall plugs), are included.

Certificate of Authenticity

Each artwork is signed with a Certificate of Authenticity.

14-Day Return Policy

If you are not 100% happy with your new artwork, please email me to request the return of the art. For more info visit Refund Policy page

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