Care & Installation

  • Each artwork is signed with a Certificate of Authenticity. 
  • MATERIAL: Hand-painted textured acrylic on wood with Raw slimline Tasmanian Oak Frame. 
  • Please contact me for custom colours available on request
  • Please note: Please allow 1 week for artwork to be shipped plus additional time for shipping (depending on your location)
  • Wall bracket is included for each artwork.
  • Always handle the artwork with great care and only with clean hands or gloves when moving or mounting it.
  • Use only a feather duster to clean the reliefs. Please note that water/fluid will damage the reliefs.
  • Do not place the art outside, close to fire, close to heat (e.g. a heater/radiator), in direct sunlight, close to water or in any humid environment (e.g. a bathroom)
  • Injuries can occur from artworks falling down if it is not correctly mounted to a wall with the correct brackets and fasteners. It is recommend that mounting should only be carried out by a competent or professional person.
  • Z-bar aluminium brackets are provided with the artwork. It is designed to hold heavy artworks and mirrors with easy installation. The mounting instructions are included with the wall brackets and fastening devices (screws and wall plugs).
  • Please note that different wall materials will require different types of fastening devices. Use screws and wall plugs suitable for your wall. Assess the suitability of the wall to ensure that the screws and wall plugs will withstand the forces generated. For advice on suitable fastening devices, contact a professional.
  • The artist is explicitly excluded from all liability for any damage or loss of the artwork installation, directly or indirectly