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Red Earth

Red Earth

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62 x 62cm
Acrylic on Timber
Raw Tasmanian Oak Frame

More about this artwork:

"Red Earth: A Tribute to the Australian Outback"

In "Red Earth," the artist celebrates the vibrant colours of the Australian outback, capturing its essence in warm, rich red tones. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Uluru, the artwork embodies the monumental presence and timeless beauty of this natural wonder, echoing the ancient whispers of the land.

The canvas is textured with intricate strokes, inviting exploration and revealing hidden wonders within its layers of colour and form. With a touch of Mid-Century design, the artwork harmoniously blends organic and geometric elements, evoking a sense of architectural precision amid the untamed outback.

Engaging with "Red Earth" transports you to the heart of the outback, where the very soul of the land is vividly portrayed in every stroke. This painting is more than art; it's a celebration of the enduring spirit of the Australian landscape, forever captured on the artist's creation.

High-Quality materials & craftsmanship

In my studio based in Brisbane, Australia, I personally handcraft all of my artworks. I intricately assemble thin layers of laser-cut MDF wood, meticulously gluing them together. Each piece is then adorned with layers of textured and coloured paint, giving it a unique and captivating finish.

Includes wall bracket

The artwork comes with Z-bar aluminum brackets designed for easy installation and capable of supporting heavy pieces like artworks and mirrors. Mounting instructions, along with necessary wall brackets and fastening devices (screws and wall plugs), are included.

Certificate of Authenticity

Each artwork is signed with a Certificate of Authenticity.

14-Day Return Policy

If you are not 100% happy with your new artwork, please email me to request the return of the art. For more info visit Refund Policy page

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